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Camera upgrade

October 1st, 2012  |  Published in Latest News

I’ve just upgraded my cameras and am now using a Canon’s flagship 1Dx body with a Canon 5D III as backup paired with 580 EX II flashes and ‘L’ series lenses.

Both bodies are full frame and have excellent low light capabilities. Perfect for those churches that don’t allow flash and for those all important first dance shots. They also have dual CF card slots meaning your priceless images are backed up as soon as they are created. The 1Dx takes up to 12 photos a second to capture the critical split second moments and the 5D III has a near silent shooting mode to allow images to be taken right through the ceremony.

Its true that good photographers can get good photographs with just about any camera but top-of-the-range cameras allows me complete flexibility to create the best images possible from your day.

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